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Department of Integrative Bioscience and Biomedical Engineering

Along with the improvement in efficiency and labor saving of the industrial sector, industrialtechnologies such as systems and mass production have reached a period of maturity, anddevelopment has gradually shifted from uniformity to diversification, from macro to micro,and from structure to function, and eventually extended into fields aimed at “life” as well.Studies covering these fields are life science and medical engineering, and it is a departmentcharacteristic of the Department of Integrative Bioscience and Biomedical Engineering that ithas organized a new interdisciplinary field that fuses these sciences and engineering. Inaddition, based on academic cooperation with Tokyo Women’s Medical University, we areproceeding with the development of an original educational and research environment byadding medicine to science and engineering. Many of the studies are carried out at the Centerfor Advanced Biomedical Sciences (TWIns).

Students who received a solid undergraduate training education can smoothly enter into thisdepartment which has “life” as a key word to study in a unique curriculum including coursesof Bioethics and Integrative Bioscience and Biomedical Engineering (both are requiredcourses). Furthermore, students can carry out original and creative studies in the environmentwhere the faculty of the life-related fields in the Department of Modern MechanicalEngineering, Department of Electrical Engineering and Bioscience, Department of Electronicand Physical Systems, Department of Physics, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry,and Department of Applied Chemistry in the Faculty of Science and Engineering, the facultyof the Graduate School of Human Sciences, and the faculty belonging to Biology of theSchool of Education are gathered. We believe that the mission of this Department is to striveto develop young human resources such as engineers and basic scientists who can take on thechallenge of developing new bio-industries that meet social needs.

Summary of Studies of the Department of Integrative Bioscience andBiomedical Engineering

To make the most of its characteristics as an interdisciplinary field, this Department is notsubdivided intoresearch areas by study content. However, the fields of Biological System andBiomolecular Function are available depending on the way study is approached.

Biological System

We mainly study biological systems such as intercellular, interorgan, cells and organs,individuals and species, and life and environment systems. The studies mainly focus on thedevelopment of artificial organs, the development of humanoid robots and robots for medicalcare, the measurement of medical electronics, the molecular evolution of gonadotropichormones, the cloning and function analysis of neuropeptides, the molecular structureinvolved in sex determination, the molecular structure of molecular memories in occurrence,and plant ecology.

Biomolecular Function

Studies of molecular mechanisms of life and cell functions are conducted. The studies mainlyfocus on the asymmetric synthesis of chiral molecules, total synthesis of natural biologicallyactive substances, spectroscopy diagnosis and development of laser surgery methods ofdiseases, single-molecule microscopic analysis of biomolecular motors, single-moleculeimaging of intracellular signal-transducing mechanisms, movements, total synthesis andstructure-activity correlations of antineoplastic compounds, search of cell death inducing andsuppressive substances, hematopoietic regulation, development, and regeneration, etc.